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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Future? Present?

Recently momentum to study has started, but its chugging like a worn out train. Huffing and puffing to keep going. Sometimes even pausing for a rest. But guess its better than nothing...

Was watching tv just now. Saw this superstar thingy. 2 guys competing to be champions tt kind. Pity the pretty girl Alicia got kicked out. She has a sunshine smile. I like... Haha... Basically i like girls with a nice smile lar. Who doesn't?

Anyway, their acting not fantastic. And look kinda awkward on tv, to say the least. But who am i to criticize? Looking at myself, i barely have anything to be proud of.
But lets try to name several of my achievements, shall we?
1) Registered my 1,000,000,000 kill in dota a couple of days ago
2) 1 month to exams and i'm in the middle of nowhere
3) Manage to jog 1 round around the whole school without dying
4) Survived the harsh Singapore educational system to make it to NTU unscathed
5) Hmm... I can eat a whole pack of chips in 5mins
6) Uh.... I sleep 8 hours a day
7) Ah... I can fall asleep in lectures within 5mins

Woohoo... That's no easy feat to accomplish in a short 24 years alright. Gasp in awe at my unparalleled achievments! Haha... Beat that!

Just did some superhero test. They said i'm Green Lantern. Initially i hear liao i quite sad. I mean. WTF is GREEN LANTERN? He sounds weak... The Hua told me he damn powerful. Destroy the universe liao then recreate, no other superhero can stop him. Machiam God like that.

If he's so powerful, then i'll take the title of Green Lantern lar. But i'll change the damn title. Make it more sart ki.

Hmm... LordLantern sounds good. LL in short form... Or maybe Lord of Lanterns, abbre LoL? haha... Tough choice!

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