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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Muah Chee

This is my third official day into my holiday and i'm proud to announce that i've done ZILCH. The largest singular effort i have done to date is going to temple to help them beat and make muah chee.
And that muah chee ninpeh beat and cook the muah chee till shack... 4 hours that kind of shack.

And i'm sinking deeper and deeper into my abyss of misery. This kind of misery not easy to achieve. Combination of all the misery on this earth that kind.
Never do homework, going hungry, boredom, stress, emotional and mental trauma, self sympathy... so on and so forth. The list can go on, just like Feline Dior's Me Heart Will Go On. Nonstop kind of long.

Lucky over the years i've developed an immunity to this kind of misery. Now its just a stinging sensation only when i pay attention to it. Usually, i forget it through gaming and the occassional beer. But beer is expensive. Must go easy. Haha...

Enough of complaints. Do you hear this 一定要幸福 song in the background? This song is the MOST loser kind of song i've ever heard. Pay attention to what he sings. Is he even a guy!?! Somemore he repeats the 一定要幸福 一定要幸福 一定要幸福 part.

Why glorify this kind of self deprecating notions? We guys should band together and shout: 我我我我我我我我过错软弱从来不属于我!!!!!

By the way, i was browsing through my usual list of blogs when i noticed this entry from one of my friends. And guys got shot down in the face in her entry.
I agree with most of the points raised lar. But not only are guys the bastards, the jerks. Gals are as much the bitches, the sluts. That makes guys and gals even, no? And that's probably why there's so much agony everywhere.

But i'm painting a gloomy picture. Things could take a turn for the better. Like... Lemme see... me winning toto FIRST prize would be a good start to relieving the agony of this world. At least there would be one happier guy. No?

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