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Friday, February 17, 2006


I have sinned! Was reading the last post and realise it was ridiculous to the point of hilarious. Need to be so serious one anot! But i decided not to take it down lar. Afterall i wrote it ma. Heh

Today's a good day. I have declared it off day, and totally skipped school. In fact, i've declared it holiday since wed! Muhahaha...

This is life. The kind of life i have been looking forwards to. Slept all the way till 12, awakened by the big bright sun. Dragged my lazy ass of the big comfortable bed and warm cosy blanket. Went for brunch(Breakfast and lunch, i kid you not. Its really called brunch!)

Then saddled a bus to Tampines SAFRA for a swim. Was looking forward to see bikini babes, and the only babe there was a 60year old granny. Make it 70! How sian!

Tired myself splashing in the water, i limped to the tanning bench and tried to sleep. But the sun max hot. 5mins into the silly tanning session and i felt like a roast pig. Sat up and glanced to my side to see at least 5 other guys lying and tanning also. I mean, how the hell can they stand that mad heat?

Totally roasted, i dashed for the pool. I distinctly heard sizzling sounds when i entered the water. That's how hot it got lor!

Then swim halfway, the hot hot sun suddenly disappear. I thought it got kidnapped and looked up. Discovered the sky overcast with dark clouds. Got so fast wanna rain anot. Haven't even had enuough fun lor.
Bobian, ll suck thumb go bathe go home.

Play game all the way till dinner time. Went granny place to makan. Then realised something when i reached there. The whole day, i never even speak a single word, until i had to open my mouth to talk to my granny.
Talk about no man's an island. I jit tao become hermit. If this continues, think i'll lose my voice from underusage sia. Haha!

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