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Monday, February 06, 2006

Great Saturday, Lousy Other Days

Met my army friends on Saturday evening. Did dinner at Prinsep before discovering we ran out of programs. Some wanted lan, some hated lan. Finally settled for drinks at Plasma.

Long time no see, really feels great. Those old times of getting pissed at superiors, talking cock, running out of camp to play starcraft, squatting in bunk playing Risk, chao genging... Those were the days!
Didn't quite like my stint in army while i was in it, but now that i'm out, thinking back, it was fun. It had the extras and tekaning, but its all part and parcel of life!

Finally did dinner at the malay stall nearby. Even managed to squeeze out a couple of pics!

Me, Edwin aka Hum Sap Lo, Ziyang, Chun Ser aka Upperstudy

On a lower note, school sucks. 2 quizzes due next week and everyday is xiong day. Fuck... Bring the beer and gal anyday...

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