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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chinese New Year

Its 2 hours 33mins since the 'new year' has started and i must say i'm enjoying the start of this brand new year. The usual routine started out with being conscripted to our usual temple. For as long as i can remember, this is a long and dreary affair of kneeling and praying and kneeling and praying.

And what can you expect from temples? Uncles and aunties, no less. And its quite a bore.

But this year is different! The uncles and aunties brought their daughters. Muhahahaha. Some quite chai lor. A boring routine of praying at a temple becomes a chick fest. At a temple somemore... Think GuanYin will be angry with me liao...

Never really expected chicks there. Usually chicks go churches one lor. nice to see buddhist chicks... Brings more spark to an otherwise mundane affair. Haha...

Back to the chinese new year concept.

Personally, i don't relish going from place to places, meeting total strangers and greeting them the same verse:'Happy new year'. There's totally nothing to say and you hang around making small talk like:"Your sofa very comfortable hor?" "Today weather very hot."

What's the whole point of that? Immediate relatives which i have more contact with, going over for the new year would be an obligation. Its afterall chinese new year. But for those i don't even know their names, its pointless.

Point made. Being brilliant, i came up with an excellent concept that saves us all the time and effort, probably even embarrassment.

First, we have each of our contacts in our phonebooks. When its chinese new year, we sms each other:" Happy Chinese New Year! May you strike toto and 4d all at once, and your business trive for the year to come! Gong xi gong xi. By the way, my bank account number is XXX-XXXXX-X, posb savings... Please transfer my ang bao money there. Thanks! ^^. PS. Got time meet for a drink ok?"

There, i've settled the hassle of chinese new year, and retained all the perks of the festive season. Man... Sometimes i impress even myself...

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