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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Every Year

Promised my buddy to be at Plasma yesterday, went down though i would rather rot at home. Recently not much motivation to go out, somemore not as if there's any chai over there.

Anyway, got my ass over there and had my drinks. If there's anything looking forward to, its the drinks. Now that my buddy got girlfriend liao, he got more busy. Not that i always stick with him, cause once buddies forever buddies. Girlfriends don't last quite as long. Heh...

Had this lucky draw over at Plasma, 2 hampers for 2 lucky bastards. I happen to be unlucky saint. No luck there... Then came along this middle aged man, giving out 2 tickets to hongkong as extra prize, right from his own pocket. Rich fuck... If only i had this kind of godfather! Me godfather chui chui, see him like see stranger that kind. KNN...

Eventually got bored and wanted to head home. Guess what, Orchard Road FUCKING CROWDED. Wanna take a cab home also cannot find lor. At least 100000000000 cabs drove past me and none stopped.
Finally got fed up and tried to call a cab. Guess what again? Instead of the usual:"Please wait while we connect you. Our operators are all bust at the moment." It was:"DDDDDOOOOOOOO!!!!" WTF! Busy tone is so damn fucked up, especially when you are sweating in the middle of orchard road in the middle of the night, wanting to go home for a nice warm shower and comfortable sleep.

In the meanwhile, thousands of bangalahs walk past me, drunk and rowdy. Usually bangalahs isn't much of an issue, since i'm NOT a racist. But these bangalahs are dangerous and should be put behind bars for the safety of the public. They were drunk and rowdy, and were armed with bottles and bottles of spray cans.
Believe you me, these people are the scrouge of the earth. And the spray cans are not normal spray cans. The cans are the FOAM type, not the line type. And they sprayed on me. FUCKING HELL! The fucker who spray on me obviously was drunk, why would a guy spray at another guy? And why me!
Other more somber bangalahs took the chance to spray on girls. The guys around those girls were either small and weak, or were pussies. Cause they did not say or do anything to help or protect the girl. Wimps... But the bangalahs got like 99999999999999999 of them lar. Killing one means u gotta fight off the remaining 99999999999999998. Not very wise. Even an idiot would know the odds are stacked.

Anyway got home and had my shower and sleep. Cleaned out my hostel room. the reality of school starting soon sunk in my brilliant but stubborn brain. Its time to start studying!

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