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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Old Friends

Went for my primary school friends gathering yesterday. Ages since we last met, easily more than 1 year. And the 2nd in like 10 years.

Had dinner at Fish and Co. While waiting for everyone to arrive, small talk was in order for those present. Many of us has changed here and there, but everyone's overall personailty sort of stuck since the last i could remember.

The gals had accomplishments to their names, working and with degrees of diplomas, some even second upper lor. A couple of the guys had signed off, one of them was even making it big as a sales engineer.

I'm a straggler in the group. But i have my fair share of accomplishments. My DOTA skills are legendary, i got a level 130++ mmorpg character in A3, i owe NTU 5 modules and i landed myself a decent place to stay in hall 14. My my... This list could go on forever, but i decide to stop short here.

By the way, here are the pictures...

In between the small talk, i went off into my own dimension once again. Spaced off in my own thoughts, many things hit me..

Once small ignorant kids, we have grown. Not just in size, but in thoughts as well. Bickering and verbal fights and teasing still ensued even though we totally lost contact with each other. It really feels good to see so many of them once again. My kiddy buddies, goli frenz and quarreling mates all gathered!

An idea i had been toying hit me once again... Pardon my despondent mood but, with a gain of something, another thing is lost. Maturity comes at a price of innocence. Knowledge comes with the price at the loss of the bliss of ignorance.
Such things are inevitable in the process we call 'life', and its saddening and joyful all at the same time. Mixed conflicting feelings are the hardest to deal with.

Gone were the days of talking too much in class till kena the 'stand-up' punishment, rushing off to the nearby mama shop to buy tikum and dragonball cards, playing catching at the sand playground below the hdb flats near school, using erasers to fight each other during breaks, and the joy of having a yakult in hand.
Yakults come a dime a dozen now, eraser fights are a distant memory, the sand playground is gone, the mama shop has stopped selling tikum and cards and i don't even go lessons now. Haha... Those were the days.

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