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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blog Facelift! I POWER!!!

Did a lot of blog reading and surfing recently and realised many blogs all looked damn cool and had a lot of personalizations done. Started getting envious, cause the more i compare, the lousier my blog looked in comparison.

Feeling the sour grapes in my tummy, i took to zhnging my blog. Started out trying to change the html of my template. Then i realised. I sucked at it! This cannot be! I totally couldn't comprehend the script and i have no idea where to start the damn zhnging.

For someone of my intellect and brilliance, this was unprecedented and totally unheard of. So i took on the ardous task to start comparing the scripts of my template and that of others, sibei tough...

Finally managed to grasp the damn html concepts and combined many different skins and ideas into this magnificent blog that you now see! Damn. I amaze myself at times. Haha...

This is a combination of many different skins and is unique to yours truly only! You guys can start plagarising from me. I'm generous! ^^

Will still be making minor changes also lar. If i happen to stumble on a better skin, i'll change this. Still don't quite like this template... In the meantime, enjoy!

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