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Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Porter and TGIF!!!

Went to watch Harry Porter last night with my friends. The CFO got free tickets as well as free popcorn and drinks. Why not! Hahaha... It was at shaw orchard and i could see that some of my friends didnt achually fancy going for it.

Its free seating and we went in late. Damn, sat third row from the front, neck can break sia.... I was taking the straws for me and my other friend and i accidentally dropped e straw. In the split second from when the straw left my hand and before it hit the ground,
i said:"Sorry XXX! I dropped your straw!"

The amazing thing was it came to me so unconciously. At that point, i was holding 2 straws, 1 mine, another his. And the one ON the floor, naturally, is his. HAHAHA. I'm such a bastard. That poor dude had this very stunned look on his face. It was hilarious, too bad i didnt take a pic!

The show had decent computer graphics and a normal storyline. Just don't get what's the big fuss over this show is all about. Just a little bit of magic and a big half dead baddie who wants to become himself all over again. That poor baddie, after being resurrected with his so called regained powers, went Wand to Wand with Harry Porter. And guess what, they hit a DRAW. If he can't even beat a 14 year old kid who has meagre powers, what has he to gloat about? Ah... All that hype and he's a paper tiger...

Couldn't stand all this rubbish and rushed down to my regular pub for a drink. Opened a delicious bottle of chivas and even offered it to my friends. They rejected me lor. Free Chivas and you reject!?! What more can i say? Ended up i cannot stand being the only one drinking while 3 other pairs of eyes staring, so we left. Meaning full night huh?

Lucky today only work half day. Went back to school to submit my attachment report as well as my evaluation form. I saw what my supervisor wrote and fuck... I realise this world is full of dumbasses and bootlickers.

I got the normal B-C student kind of evaluation. Another of my attachment friend scored like almost perfect grades for the evaluation lor. No sour grapes here, but i realise how they grade things are so wrong.

People at office obseve how long you work, then access you from there. This promotes inefficiency lor. If im smart and efficient, i finish the job in an hour, i go home high and dry. This other dumb fuck isn't even half as smart as me, and much more inefficient. But he works OVERTIME to finish something i did in an hour. Bosses observe the dumb fuck and accesses him to be hardworking and good, while the smart and efficient guy gets labelled as lazy and not hardworking. The dumb fucks get praised and gets a pat on the back, probably a raise or something. Think the rest yourselves dudes. If you can't carry on from here, you probably AM the dumb fuck, so no point reading any further.

Fuck this world, fuck dumb bosses and fuck bootlickers. Good day...

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