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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Just Like Heaven

Rushed off after work to see Just Like Heaven. Decent show, all lovey dovey with a few funny parts. Not exactly as hilarious as deuce bigalow, but definately way better than Zorro. That gal in e show fairly pretty, but i forgot her name le. Hahaha

Then again, the show didn't quite have much logic in it.The spirit of the gal could "accidentally" walk through tables and doors, even through car doors, but could stay inside e car when the guy was driving. Think i stupid one arh?

And i don't see the guy working. Where did he get the $$ to slack his entire life away! How could he afford to build the garden on the rooftop! Hai... Guess all is well for movies and all the lovey dovey. But in real life, no $$ no gal, don't even have food lor! Media always convey the wrong messages to the public. We must be smart enough to discern fantasy from reality! Wake up guys!!

But this show had a power line. It went like this: "Alcohol gives men courage, makes women loose!" How power! Cannot be better said. HAHAHAHA!!!

Recently luck not very good. Kena go Malaysia work. Somemore no extra pay. My company really good at squeezing us interns dry. Work so much, pay so little. Somemore now send us overseas, never even increase the pay at all sia. Go there eat wat? Grass arh? Think next week whole week gotta be in Malaysia liao. Got this exploited feeling all over again. Hai...


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