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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Suki Sushi and Another BORING Day At Work

Heard that there was free flow of tempura and softshell crabs from Suki Sushi. Just these few words already conjured up images of nice crispy crabs and big tasty tempuras. Against better advice, i rounded up a few friends and rush over for its buffet dinner.

And it sucked. The tempura was made out of SHRIMPS, the softshell crab was a turn off. The sushis cannot even be considered decent and everything else practically sucked. There was teppenyaki as well and it was the only normal tasting food, besides the deserts.

I swear off buffet for the next whole month at least. The "overeat" feeling sucked and i wanted to puke for the whole night. Hai.. Should have went for Spageddies! Damn!

Today i'm all alone at work and eating alone felt pathetic. Ended up going home to catch a little show before coming back to office.

Here, i must pause and surmise. I hate shows and i'm no sucker for the lovey dovey type of shows. In fact, tv is a major turnoff cos Singapore tv sucks big time.
Jap and Korean drama serials are way ridiculous with their lousy script and all too predicatable i-love-you-you-don't-love-me-u-love-someone-else of ideas. Either that or some lousy predicatable misfortune that breaks up the love birds.

Media always put in too much hype on this abstract idea called LOVE. And they glorify it, making it seem all so beautiful and dream-like. Silly young girls are suckers for it though, no wonder they keep producing such rubbish!

Nonetheless, i still caught on to this one and only show i felt was worth watching: My Date With A Vampire 3.

Agreed that the computer graphics sucks. The plot wasn't the very best around. But i still watched. Not for the ridiculous stunts and definately not for Ma XiaoLing's ultra short skirt. In fact, if not for the skirt, she's not worth much.

But there's the cute Kuang TianYa, gorgeous WuLei and womanly MaoYou. And its not just cos of these chicks i'm watching the show. They are just a bonus issue.

I like watching the different ways people suffer upon the loss of someone important. I watched a part where this chick MouYao couldn't forget about her ex who died, and there was this all-ever-too-patient guy who was waiting for her.

This is a typical everyday scenario we have, except that we gotta amplify the stupidity and ridiculousness of it all by 100 times. Some girls have this tendency to harp on old topics, some even cannot forget their ex (some, not ALL, but either way, its ridiculous).

I mean... If that guy left you, or is dead, or has his dick cut off, whatever. Don't you think its time to move on in life? What's the point of loving someone when all there is is unhappiness?!?

LOVE should be happy, shouldn't it?!? If you aren't happy in that relationship, why the hell are you still together? If it reaches such a stage, prolly you are sticking on cos of habit more than love. Come on, stop deluding yourselves you fools.
I'm being exceptionally generous by sharing with you THE WAY. Now, be a nice doggie and bring me my slippers. Good boy, good girl!

Next, this dumb fuck of a guy dies while on a mission. In front of that girl. What next? The very natural response by the idiotic media is predicatable. The girl regrets not accepting him, realises she loves him, and that she was foolish.

Now... That's like, duhz! I'm sympathetic to such a loss, yes, but that bitch deserves it. If she had followed my theory on love, she would have been a much happier person, and that guy would have enjoyed his life better too. By the way, the guy deserves it also lar.

But still, i understood and felt that pain of loss portrayed by the scene. And i'm dead sure, such scenarios achually happens in normal everyday life, something most people can relate to.

Understand my efforts to enlighten you blur suckers out there? Don't let such a thing happen! I mean... you can be dull and stupid, but even that has limits alright. Open your eyes and behold the truth! Cherish what you have... What's past is past. Its the present that is important, the only thing that matters!

Hmm... excuse my outburst. This damn show always gets me upset. Shucks.

Now for another enlightening proverb yours truly found: ''It takes many nails to build crib, but one screw to fill it.''

Enjoy pondering!

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