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Friday, November 25, 2005


Recently picked up watching this anime called Bleach. This dude below got lucky and received powers from this girl dumb enough to pass him her powers. She got lucky and he did not turn his back on her when she needed his help. That's the problem with these dumb anime. They glorify this friends-are-the-best, self-sacrificial idea. It warms the blood for fools yeah, but don't quite cut it for me. If i had those powers, i prolly would have ran off and tried to make it big. $$$ kind of big, not moralistic kind of big.

Anyhow, these japs could really draw and animate these shyt well, so yeah, i'm posting an extra large pic for you guys to appreciate. If you don't appreciate, fuck you and go wank off your porn.

I like this kind of combination of colours. Mystical and amazing. Whatever. I'm crapping here to while my time away in office.

Had been stoning for the last couple of days in this damn place. Went to read blogs and stuff. Realised most blogs are written by dimwits with nothing better to post and dumb fucks who have nothing better to do. Only few decent blogs i came across, i will not share to you guys. Go find them if you want.

Stoning in office, mindlessly surfing the web and reading half fuck blogs usually bring about adverse effects, even to intelligent me. Right now, brain activity is hitting an all time low. Suddenly it struck me that i might, just might become like one of those dumb fucks, so i came in here to grouse about how lousy this blogosphere or whatever-you-wanna-call-it has become. At least i don't go:"Ooooohhhh, this kitten is so cuuuutttteeee!!!!" or "I had a sucky day today, all i did was eat cereal for breakfast, rice for lunch, blah blah blah."

I mean, if that's all you have to say, shut the fuck up. Why in heavens name would you presume someone wants to know what you had for dinner? Talk about being dull!

Read the papers sometime back about this fucker who went to wife-for-sale agencies and bought himself a vietnamese wife with a dud check. Had his fun with that gal and dumped her back to the agency. This kind of sick bastards should go get a flogging. But i've got to admit he has one hell of a smart idea. Too bad he used it once too often, and too bad he had to use it for such a dumb cause. Just to get a free fuck? Oh, come on. Anyway he got caught. Heh. Poor fella, i pity him so. Hope he gets a great flogging coupled with a few years in jail. Let those guys inside have a free fuck as well. What comes around goes around, retribution time fucker.

As i sit here and stone, it suddenly occured that getting a degree, getting a job, isn't going to allow me to make it big. I mean, come on.

Lets assume you work 40 fucking long years. You get an average of 4k a month, including all pay rises.

You are extremely thrifty, stay with your parents, don't get a car, don't get married, you save say 2k a month. This approximates to about 25k a year.

25k X 40years = 1,000,000

Just manage to hit 1million bucks, and by the end of that 40 years, you are too fucking old to do anything. That's assuming you don't hit on any major illnesses during these 40 years.

Dumb fools out there believe you will one day be able to enjoy life after years of hard work. Yeah dimwits, your idea's right. Working for others will get you far, as far as a snail can crawl in 1min.

Realised your folly? I've got a solution. Pay me enough and i might share with you...

Alright, i've decided to be generous today. I'll let you in on my get rich scheme. Follow my steps, one by one. And don't question me! I'm smarter than you.

1) Pass me your money.

2) Name me as beneficiary in your will and insurance.

3) Now, go commit suicide, preferably get banged by a car so that i can claim more insurance.

4) Plead with the hell judge to let your reincarn again into a rich family. Doesn't matter if you're smart or dumb. Smart preferably. You can stay rich longer.

5) If you get ignored by the judge and sent to the depths of hell to burn and suffer, blame it on your evil deeds. You shouldn't be so greedy anyway.

Good day

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