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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bruce Lee VS Tom Yam Goong

Recently i watched that show Ong Bak on tv and stood spellbound by his athleticism and superb fighting skills. He could really fly! I remember myself say:"Whoa... Ong Bak can fly!" Haha... later realised Ong Bak was the statue head and that flying dude was acherly Tom Yam Goong. or something close to that.

Then came a discussion with friends on his amazing skills and Bruce Lee came into a picture. If our dear Bruce Bruce was still around and if he was to have a life and death duel with TYG, our votes went to Bruce... Let me present a couple of reason as to why I'm correct. I needn't achually do that, but for you guys to better understand the thinking of a great mind, in my immense generosity, i shall share! Ha!

Lets touch on flying kicks shall we? Thai boxers, and especially TYG, are typical and usually like to use their kneecaps to lunge at opponents. Kneecaps are all well and good, but if u do a flying kneecap against a flying sidekick, you eat your opponent's foot long before your kneecap can achually even graze you opponents. Bruce 1, TYG 0

Lets go to hand to hand combat then... Look at my picture goddammit! The damn fist will prolly smash ur teeth out, long long before the silly elbow achually hits the opponent's jaw!

Now... Normally, my this idea would have failed if its TYG vs any-Tom-Dick-Harry. Superior speed would allow evasion of the kick/punch. But we're talking about Bruce Lee here, no? He prolly has superior speed compared to TYG. AND Bruce can do ONE HUNDRED 1 finger pushup! Hmm... or is it 200? I mean... 1 finger. Dude. How much more kua zhang can it get? Maybe i go train doing pushups with my tongue! HEH!

Next we throw in Jacky Chan! He's great with stunts no less. But against these 2 pros, to quote a friend "Jacky Chan is Peking Opera!"

With all these martial arts craze, i also came up with a few killer moves as well! Later i free draw finish then put it up let you guys gwak at it ok? Muhahaha!

By the way... the damn Chicken Little gif didn't work. It became a picture. Fuck...

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