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Monday, November 21, 2005

Zhiwei Birthday (Part 2)

After a hard day of work, i'm back here to finish up the pictures i failed to put up this morning! Enjoy! ^^

Tried to be funny! James was behind me and lighting e lighter near my hand to make it seem fire's coming out of it! But i spotted we failed miserably.. -.-''

Then suddnly an earthquake hit us! Wahahaha.... (Acherly poor photography la. Obviously not me cos i in pic rite? LOL...)

Haha.... Tied Zhiwei up in rafia string... He sad face really fake. Muahhaahaha...

Alrite... Nothing much here la... 3 girls nia. haha...

This guy yandao rite? Too bad for you gals. He's taken! Haha....

These two brother and sister rushed off to take their own pics in e middle of celebrations sia.

Finally a group photo of all of us! Woohoo!

Birthday gal with her cake. Looks fierce and menancing with the knife like that. Haha... Lucky i'm not e photographer!

Haha... That's all! Its time for dota! Cherios!

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