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Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Zhiwei! (part 1)

Went back to school on friday to celebrate a friend's birthday. Since this is a solely, ME blog, i decided to leave some pics in here to commemorate my friend's birthday. No one else allowed to see arh!!

This was the birthday gift we got for her. Ok... It wasn't bought, and i didn't make it. But still i contributed! My pic is inside!!! Woohoo!

Ok... I caught 2 gals doing graffiti to the back of that present. Somemore can smile hor. Wat guts! Hahahaa....

This is the spread cooked up by Yilin, Diana and her mum! Got pepper crab, fu yong dan, fried prawns, curry chicken and ko lo yok! I got help out also. I help out in eating it! wahahaha!!!

Me and the birthday gal.. Alright... she's decently cute. And i'm not yandao. But u think i care? Heh!

Ok. Time to work! Upload e other pics tonite or something. Monday blues.. Geez....

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