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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Smart Chicks

I was basking in boredom for the last few days at work, doing the reuglar stuffs like reading blogs, surfing the web when i hooked up with this chick and started conversing in msn with her.
She's a great gal yeah and we started crapping.

It got to a point where we started talking abt the age old debate on guys and gals, on feminism and MCPism. I, for one, know that i'm no saint. If there's really a heaven or hell, i prolly suit hell more...
Goody two shoes can go rot in heaven for all i care while i frolick in my beer and songs in hell.

Then came this all sweeping statement from the chick:"All guys are assholes and should rot in hell."
Now now... We can't have that can we? Agreed that guys are generally pricks. But there are those guys who like being matyrs and act all great and noble. This kind, i despise.

These noblistic pricks just act all good and self sacrificing so as to hook chicks and feel good. Why put on a charade of goodness? But still, its all the means to an end, everyone has their freedom, just don't do that in front of me you bastards.

But... I digress. That chick has a boyfriend, and if all guys are assholes and should rot in hell, shouldn't the chick be single to have credibility to her statement? Or is that poor guy supposed to rot in hell as well?

Then came the all encompassing sweeping statement of all blind chicks lost in the drowels of love:"My guy's different. He's one of a kind."

This brings out spasms of disgust. Not at the chick but to the blindness of love. Who in god's name made this guy so special?

And even if such a great guy exists, based on what grounds do you think you are the lucky and selected special one to get this one and only good guy who is one of a kind?

You guys should come to this realisation. You are no different from the guy/gal next to you. Of course i'm different though. I'm smarter, more brilliant then any of you dumbasses reading this. This is my blog and i call the shots. Oh yeah!

This chick's friend has a boyfriend who shot out this superb MCP statement:"Girls are made from inferior sperms." I don't agree and i don't disagree. This statement is just plain dumb. I see no logic and i'm not taking sides.

The main point was that the chick said:"Lucky my gal friend got the guy under her control." Now comes the important part... Only a wussy would be under the control of a gal. The rest of the guys ACT under control.

For whatever reason for acting under control, you might ask. Guess what. There's only 1 reason why any smart guy would do such a thing. If you can't figure it out, you are either a girl, a damn dumb girl, or you are the wussy.
Either way, you don't need to know. HAHA...

Alright... Time to end with a quote of the day:"Passionate kiss, like spider's web, soon lead to undoing of fly.''

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