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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Weekend Endweek

Supposed to go register for the damn dota competition. Ended up, i got a feeling everyone all ai mai ai mai. Confirming a time to meet to register already so difficult. How the hell are we supposed to train?

As far as i see it, we prolly won't be able to get past the damn prelims. That being the case, i decided to carry on with my Malaysia trip, instead of wasting my efforts on the dumb competition. Luckily got one other guy enthusiastic about it also. If not i give up liao lo...

Went to plasma yesterday. Long time no go liao. It was nice being back there, singing songs, talking cock with my buddy and the other regulars there. I got comfy and went to jio a group of friends down.

I said if wan, they can come down join me, can open a bottle of chivas. Beer really taste like piss recently and i'm starting to avoid it. Then there's this dude in the group, asked me go his house, he open a can of 7up for me to drink.

I mean... What the fuck? I friendly jio u down drink chivas, u tell me drink 7up. Mai lai sua. Don't need give me this kind of rubbish. He can jolly well go shove that can of 7up up his fucking ass. KNN...

Also went to play billard. Had always been keen to buy a cue for myself. Got nice cue, can fix it up, can act sart ki! I like that idea sia. But a decent cue going to cost me a couple of a hundred bucks. No chance i pay this kind of money lor.

Then as usual, i play lousy billard. Straight line cannot get e damn ball in also. Sibei sian. Lucky got a few magnificant long shots and doubles.... If not i spit blood liao. I seriously suspect i spastic. Sian...

Finished billard, finished drinking, wanted to head home. Went to take nightrider home. Sit at the bloody busstop for 30mins, can see so many couples love love, walking around. Then started to get sore. Fuck.... Grass is always greener on the other side huh. See liao gian, got liao sian. PUI!

Sit sibei long liao, then heard this guy telling his gf:"Wa... we sit so long wait for bus, today no nightrider leh!" I jit tao stunned. Went to beo the blood notice board. REALLY! NO NIGHTRIDER!!!!

Sibei du lan. Sit so long then realise, worse, the bloody service, wait till i wan take then they don't have. What kind of lousy service is that? They should at least have the decency to give me a call to inform me no nightrider. Damn.

Then no choice, got to take the damn cab home. Burn a very big hole in pocket. Add oil to fire. No honey, no money. Sad case sad case.

But can take consolation that some of the couples are fugly. I rather be single than have a fugly girlfriend lor. Then worse. Got to send her home then can go home. That one also no honey, but lagi more no money. Muhahahaha!!!

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