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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Damn The Papers

My bro saw this food column advert saying that this crawford lane kopitiam serves damn good food decently priced. So yesterday evening rushed down to try out the place.

Got there early to avoid the crowd. Pleased to see the place remotely packed, got a table eaasily. Ordered the hyped up western food. Didn't take really good. In fact, it was kinda lousy.

My chicken cutlet was tasteless and there was a layer of raw skin and fat undermeath the crispy flour layer. The fish and chips were slightly better but also wasn't the best i've eaten. Chicken maryland was overcooked and plain sucked. The only decent one was the mixed grill.

Had to wait like 30mins despite the small crowd lor. Then droves of people started coming. Prolly cos of the damn papers. Boy... Are they going to regret it! Hahaha!

So 3 things... Its either one man's meat is another man's poison. The person posting the review had lousy taste/never tasted good food before. The reviewer got paid off by the kopitiam.

My guess? Fuck these reviewers!

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