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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Gaming, Pros and Cons

Recently started playing a new game called silkroadonline. Great game with excellent graphics. You guys can check it out here: www.silkroadonline.net. Only downside is that it takes a lot of time to get familiar with and lots of patience is needed, something all mmorpgs require, besides a damn good com.
Join me guys!

Have always been playing DOTA, for more than a year. Recently took part in this DOTA competition held by E-Games. I have always believed in my skills and took pride that most people usually get smashed by me.

Now... That was in the case of IRC kiddies. These players have no moral ethics. If getting killed a couple of times means quitting game, then i suggest you don't play. Play girlie games like Maplestory, where you cant get killed by others and all you do is walk ard talking to other girls. Fuck off pussies.

My friend arranged to fight against clans to prepare us for competition style dota instead of pawning the normal irc numbskulls. We suffered a humilating defeat. Something that didn't happen for a very long time. Couple of reasons why we lost so badly.
1) We didn't have a killer combi move that can smash the opponent when needed.
2) Some of us don't complement each other's style of play.
3) We had varying levels of skill and technical expertise among our teammates.
4) We have lousy teamwork, and damn lousy coordination.

Now. Silver lining comes in. Proud to say, i realised clan level(PROS) players didn't possess better skill expertise and micro. It was obvious most of my team had better micro and skills. Individually, we were superior. As a team, we suck. Suck big time that kind of suck.
When faced with normal teams, our skills more than make up for our lousy teamplay. But against pros, where the skill level is less distinct and we were at a disadvantage.

I'm talking so much here cause i'm damn sore about what happened last night. Losing just plain sucks and humiliating defeats just cannot be taken lying down.

Maybe we're just not good enough for competition. Haha... But no, that's for weaklings!
I shall train till i pawn everone!

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