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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Past 6 Months

Here's the closure for the last 6 months of my attachment. Since i prolly wouldn't be going back there again. I shall commemorate my memorable stint as the life of a working class.

I must say i hate working. I hate getting up early, i hate having to do OT. But i do not shy it. I've come to see and feel with my own hands how working is like, and how so many different types of people exists, and how they can coexist in this small place called office.

There are the smart, the lazy, the hardworking and the lazy. Exploiters and the people being exploited. This is an ugly world, unlike the pictures painted to us since young, that kindness begets kindness, and this world is a bright and cheery place. Damn you educators.

But there's a spark of light amid all gloominess. At least for me. I got know more people, got to make more friends. And despite all my complaints, i must say i had my fair share of fun as well. Haha...

Let's begin the intro to how everything was ok?

This is the road i always walk when coming to and leaving the office. Long and dreary, the 'walking to' seems short and the 'walking back' seems long.

This is the office toilets. A place i used to hide from all the problems, and somewhere i love to vist, especially when there are a lot of work. Can even take a nap inside lor. Muhahaha!

This is our damn office pantry. An empty fridge and a bloody water cooler beside it. No food, no nothing. You bring it yourself. Sucks huh. I heard of pantries with tins of biscuits and fridge full of canned drinks lor!

This is the server room door for the entire company and the waiting area. Nothing significant, but another of those i-walk-thru-it-everyday road.

There we have it. The entrance to th office. Oh damn... i realised the company's name can be seen! Forget the name ok? Maybe i go photoshop it when i free. Haha...

This one nice hor? Its the disneyland downstairs. Always wished to work there instead. Seems more fun!

Lifts... To the office! Where else??

Notice something peculiar about this pic? The damn carpark slot is so small, no car can fit in one lor. The noob who designed this place ought to get a knock on his head. The car in this slot always has to slant damn bad. Ros see liao always make noise one. Nosey... Muahahaha!!!

Here's the front view of the building...

The road we always walk every afternoon to get to the kopitiam nearby. Must-walk road, cause office always damn unbearable.

Another part of the road to the kopitiam. Sad hor. Gotta walk so far, and its winding road somemore lor.

The final stretch of the road to the kopitiam taken when we were walking back on the last day of work.

Here's the disgusting part about the company. They got this damn scan card thingy to clock your in and out timings. Means you cannot cheat by coming in late, going home early. Sian max that kind lor. Even some MNCs also don't use such sneaky gadgets.

Whoa. Guess what... I spotted Ros inside the reflection beside the machine. Haha! Gotcha!

Last photo of the day. Picture of the building when i was standing at the busstop waiting for the bus home.

"天下无不散之宴席". How apt! Happy cause last day of work. Sian cause its the last day. Talk about contradicting emotions! But whatever the case, its all over. Another 3 weeks and its back to school, and the struggle against life ensues all over again.

Till then, PLAY, GO OUT, DRINK!!!! Woohoo!!!!

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