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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

First Day Of Hols!

Yesterday was officially my first day of the hols. Monday kena caught by my dad to his factory to help out. In 1 day, i worked harder than 1 week in my stupid attachment office lor.

Used to be grumpy in getting caught to work in office during my hols. But recently i figured it. However tough, if i don't help my family, who will? And i realised some things, being efficient just cannot finish it fast. Cause there's really A LOT to do. Hai... No wonder they asked me to go...

Back to my first day of hols. Woke up early so that i could get my BK breakfast. Ah... Can still remember the taste of the sausage crossaint. Yeah!

Got off to Safra for a swim. The entry fee was like $3.15. Madness! No choice, so i decided to stay there for 3 hours. 1 buck each hour, heart less pain. Hahaha!!

Was doing laps when i realised got this big sized guy swimming beside me. I've been swimming since young and technically, swimming is damn easy and relaxed. And the easiest and fastest stroke is freestyle, not the silly breaststroke you noobs always proclaim to be the best.

The big sized guy, let's call him The Vibrator, was tearing at the water for all he's worth. This created a of lot water movement to the side but failed to propel him forward fast like what he thought he's doing lor. Then the water movement always pushed me to one side cos he use A LOT of strength to move one small metre.

Eventually i got pissed, cos i was lapping and he's destroying my tempo. On top of that, he swim 2 laps, i swim 3 lor. Noob...

Finally got so du lan, i swam slightly harder to use the water to gush him to one side. Muhahaaha! Think he realised, or maybe his ego got hurt. Either way, after that lap, he didn't continue swimming liao. Yeah! Me 1, The Vibrator 0. Wallow in shame, fucker.

Subsequently, burst liao. Spent too much energy getting pissed, got tired. Swim halfway feel like sleeping. With last ounce of energy, i managed to haul myself to the tanning benches and fell asleep.

Woe behold me. When i woke up, it was 1 hour later and my whole body aching. Now skin feeling damn pain. Can die.. Prolly will start shedding skin like snake again. -.-''

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