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Monday, December 19, 2005

Back And Kicking

Finally got my ass back in Singapore. Took loads of photos. Think uploading them all is going to take me all day. -.-''

Genting damn cold. Then i didn't bring jacket or anything. Almost died there. Lucky casino fun. Jackpot as usual sucks, but the table gambling pawns! And the table games easy to play.

The dices love me! Muhaha. Won a couple of tens and then shack liao. Play casino i think must pia pia 1 whole day that kind then fun.

For the first time in my life, i took to serious shopping. Armed with 600Ringgit, i took to conquering KL. And i spent every single cent of it.. Heh! I power! Shopping isn't such a chore afterall.

Had lots of time to observe things i never had the chance to observe. And i got disgusted with many of the things i noticed. Lets start shall we?

Some people like to lament the fact that they are fat, and despite their continuous efforts to eat lesser, the kilos never seem to go off. While other people can eat all they want and still stay slim.

I'm not much of a slim guy, but fuck you. I write what i want. I have this friend who eats not a lot. But likes those fucking sweet stuffs. Bread has to go loaded with kaya butter and jam. Cannot drink plain water, die die must drink those sweet drinks like peach tea and coke. Then complain fat. I mean... WHAT THE FUCK?

Then those who eat a lot but not get fat? I realise they eat a lot, but not all are those fattening stuffs. Vegetables get swallowed by kilos and everything goes. Drink loads of plain water also. This, i respect. They are slim cause they eat slim. Its not just quantity we are talking here. Its what you eat and drink!

Since i've started, i got loads of grouses. Don't think i got the stamina to write all at one shot anyway. Another time then. And meanwhile, fuck you whiney bastards.

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