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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Making Merry In KL

Now i'm sitting in a pub in KL drinking beer, shots, cocktails and making merry! I POWER! Haha....

This holiday trip is totally cool. Genting was decent, i won a couple of tens and the whole place like in air con that kind. Then i never bring jacket. Damn cold lor. Then don't dare venture out cos really cold.

Did lots of shopping. Resolved to changed my baggy jeans wardrobe. This is really going to cost me. And i realised shopping is decent fun! But really very shack.

Just finished a 10 course dinner meal in Federal Hotel. Got sharks fin lor... 32++ RM is decent! Prolly might go for supper later! Heh! Come back confirm fat one. -.-''

There's this bartenderess/chai in this pub. She sings great and she quite chai. Now me considering getting a Malaysian gf. Muhahahaha!!! Hmm... On second thoughts, long distance relationship not really my kind... >.<

Took LOADS of photos. Gotta spend lots of time to sort thru and post! Later guys!

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