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Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas & A Pleasant Surprise

Went out on Xmas eve with gaming friends to The Loof. It was BM's tiuz and the crowd there were mostly strangers. But still it was good fun and the ambience there not bad. The open rooftop idea was a novelty.

But the drinks fucking ex. I ordered a Magaritas and the cup was damn small, not to mention it didn't taste good and it cost me 18SGD. This kind of high end stuff is not for poor dudes like me. Seriously, I could do better with a jug of beer.

Wanted to make it down to Plasma before midnight to join my buddy. But the guys tu damn long, ended up i entered Christmas in a Kopitiam eating eggs and toast with kopi.

By the time reach Plasma, already late liao. Most of the fun ended. But still, i discovered my buddy found a gal! Somemore they love love and they also bao bao lor. How power! My this buddy is the never have a gf type before.

But then they not officially together yet lar. From the looks of it, more or less le. Haha... Here's a love love pic of them!

Ok. Enough of them. Let's talk about me. I got a major problem on hand now. Hai. Laterz

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