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Friday, December 30, 2005

Extinction Of Men?

I was reading a disturbing article on called: A World Without Men. Besides quoting some dumb fuck books on fictional reasons why men would cease to exist in this world, there was also scientific proof that Men, are on the decline.

It was said that Y chromosomes are what that dictate a baby becomes a boy or a girl, and that particular Y chromosome is degenerating and becoming weaker, with more men becoming impotent and the increasing rise of women.

Some of the Pro-women, anti-male reasons:
1) More women, even some girlie-men are rising and carrying out an anti-men movement.(where, i don't have the slightest idea)
2) Men are deemed strong, aggressive, unemotional, with no contribution at all.
3) A stressful modern life coupled with a high level of sedentary activity is weaken male potency.
4) Men are referred to as 'nature's sole mistake'
5) Genetic programming, artificial insemmination or cloning could replace men.
There are a couple more reasons but i'm lazy to list all of them. Anyway this article struck me as one-sided and dumb.

If it wasn't for men, do you think you girls could be reading my article now? Do you think you all would have discovered that thing called the Y and X chromosomes? For christ's sake, the reason why u are sitting in a comfortable cushioned seat with ari con and fans blowing at ur face is because of US, MEN.

If men were become weak, emotional and all wussy, what is it that seperates us from girls?
Food for thought for you biased readers. If reproduction can be done by genetic programming, artificial insemmination or cloning, the same could happen to the ladies. They can just all fade away and be done with. Then WE GUYS could do genetics and stuffs to make our babies if we need, and clones of pretty girls solely for our own whims and fancies.
So who decides who stays on earth and who doesn't? I don't favour MCP, but i don't favour those feminist who thinks they own this world. Its for everyone to live in together lor.

Its true guys aren't perfect, but aren't ALL of us the same? Being all emotional and wimpy all the time just doesn't cut it, and if there were no guys, where's that shoulder to cry on? Where's that person to make u feel all safe and protected? A clone? Oh, wake up...

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