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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ineffectual Bastards

Got to fucking plan my timetable... Realised coordinating with many people quite tough. Some of them had to sacrifice what they actually wanted to accomodate everyone else.

Then came the time to register. Guess what. NONE of it went through. I mean, WTF! Just because one of my bao subject cannot go thru means everything else also cannot? How fucking STUPID is that?

Ended up with a damn lousy timetable. And i realised its totally different from everyone else except for one person. Despite my state of du lanness now, i must say i really appreciate that! Its good to have some1 sticking by despite these trying times.

Others totally just couldn't fit in and had to register in other time slots. And i'm sure its sure to suck. If the school had the fucking brains and willing to spend a little more extra effort, they could have easily set the time and date for the damn lessons like in JC, SEC and even PRI schools lor.
Instead they choose to split the damn thing apart and ask us to register ourselves. And the timing is fucked up and totally student-unfriendly, not to mention there's the agony of planning.

Every semester gotta go through this kind of frantic planning.
Step 1: Plan and try to coordinate with friends.
Step 2: Pray hard to get wanted slots, if not, everything else clashes.
Step 3: Try damn hard to be first few to register, always failing miserably.
Step 4: Get damn upset cos timetable is fucked up, not to mention will be all alone entire sem and gotta wake up damn early every morning for lesson.
Step 5: Get pissed into convulsions before falling asleep drooling...

I LOVE NTU. Daddy said if i said otherwise will kena sued. I don't want kena peh in jail... Nnnoooooo!!!!

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