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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Busy Busy Week

School finally started. Started out with a scare though. The damn timetable couldn't get fixed and had to keep finding the subject coordinator to help me. Eventually i fucked myself up when i dropped my LAB accidentally. Jit tao panic cause cannot add back.

Ran all the way from hall to North spine to find that Ms Madeline to help me again. Bet she wondering how come got so dumbo fella in uni. She smile smile, but ended up helping me with all the registration.
At long long last, timetable fixed. And it took a whole 1week lor. But i walked back hostel in the rain. Totally wet, underwear soaked that kind of wet. Fuck!

Went to send my little bro off to Tekong on Thursday. The surroundings not much change, but the stuffs they issuing our recruits are getting better and better. Somemore got gloves for holding rifles. Think one day they'll probably issue tissue packets and gameboys. Haha.

But Tekong is still Tekong, got the fuckings and the pumpings, got the sweat and the lousy food. Ate the cookhouse food, same thing as the one i ate 5 years ago lor. They claimed it has improved though, say it provides all the nutrition and whatnot the modern soldier needs.

Their stage lines used still the same. They also promised safety is of the utmost importance. They had better mean it lor. My little bro is inside now. I got quarrel and fight with him last time lar, but he's my one and only bro. Wanna kill also is i kill, not army lor..

Anyhow, he inside for a few days can come out liao, never kena confinement. Lucky bastard..

Everyday he call home that kind. Don't know is he miss home or he don't want my parents to worry. But still quite sian lar. Stuck in a miserable island, gotta march, do pushups, kena fuck, eat lousy food, wash your own clothes, and worse, cannot sleep in your own comfortable bed at home.
Somemore gotta draw rifle, gotta clean the damn thing, gotta sleep at 2230 wake at 0530, last but not least, no com, no internet, nothing.

Still can remember last time i go Tekong. Before that always pia go out gai gai, play games, sing song. But come back from Tekong on weekends, home best. Food never tasted better and staying home never felt warmer.
But i'm lucky, i got a fairly good family, if not for the never ending naggings.

Yesterday was one of the better days i had this week. Met up with the guys for dinner and ktv at Plasma, and of course the drinking. Topped the night off with a game at lanshop and tim sum supper at Desker.
The game at lanshop wasn't very fair though, but my team won. Isn't that all that should matter? Hahaha!!
Tim sum at Desker was also good, Injen intro the stuff usually good one lar. The talk cock session was damn funny at certain points, but guess won't sound funny if i write it here. Those who knows knows, those who don't, too bad. Heh.

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