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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Internal Conflict

I realised that i suffer from conflicting interest everyday. I want to stay in my room play game and watch shows and movies everyday. But there's this nagging need to do tutorials and go for lectures..

Then this devil and angel scenario always happens. Needless to say, the devil usually wins. Who can struggle against the lure of booze, women and pleasure? The angel gets stomped flat and goes into hiding.

But this angel has 2 very good buddies called time and guilt. Guilt would nag at you cause u didn't fufil your so called "duties" imposed by family and society called studying. Then time would sneak up on you when u are in the midst of having your fun when u realise you didn't fucking do a single tutorial and you've got like 10000000 projects and assignments to hand in, coupled with exams around the corner.

Why am i whining? Cause i have failed loads of subjects in the past few years and now am on the brink of studying more than 4 years. Every semester now is a nightmare with loads of projects and tutorials and lectures, from 830 in the freaking morning to 830 at the fucking evening.

After one week of such tormentous regimental lifestyle, i'm now sitting in the comfort of my cosy room complaining to myself that my life suck... Ok, i lied.. Working sucks more. HAHA... At least i can skip lectures and miss tutorials. Projects can be completed hastily and exams can be passed if effort is put in.

Work on the other hand has only 1 perk. The $$... Otherwise, its 365 days a year, minus holidays and weekends of pure torture. it sucks the spark out of every living human being lor.. I had this opportunity to experience this kind of lousy lifestyle and i must say, it sucks way more than studying.

So why am i whining here? Cause this is MY blog. Heh...

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