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Friday, January 20, 2006

Lazy Or Confused?

I'm a bum. For the last 5 days in school, i only went to lessons for 3days and stayed holed up in my warm cosy room watching movies, playing golf and basically just rotting for the other 2.

Rotting and slacking is a great form of leisure, not to be undertaken by the faint hearted. It saps away all the determination and willpower of the individual.
Having been through this process countless of times, i must say its good, cause anything else requires effort. And making an effort takes a lot of determination, something which i badly need, but never having enough to go around.

Alright. I'm finding excuses for being a bum. So what?

Tell you bummers a secret. I'm always envious of those people with loads of friends cause they seem to be having a lot of fun. I'm usually alone, if not then its with the same couple of friends.

As much envious of those popular and outgoing guys, i love my personal space and time. Cannot imagining spending so much time socializing. Making friends takes time. Getting to know them takes time. Going out with them takes time. And i need lots of time to rot and relax. Inevitably, slacking seems like a much better choice, the other requires way too much effort.

So why am i complaining? Cause i like to whine. I like to bitch about things. If i can have lots of friends and have a lot of fun with them, but dun need the effort and i can dump them anytime i want, you say how power! All the perks of having fun and slacking all put into one nice package!

But i digress... There's one group of people i wouldn't mind spending time with. Hmm.. Make it 2 groups. 1 have now, another one i would like to have.

First group definitely is my gaming cum drinking friends. Meet them occasionally and they are great fun. No less!

Second group naturally is a group of pretty girls. Going out with pretty girls, making friends with them, naturally would become a fun process well worth the effort. Of course, this is a group which every single guy would wanna be in.
Faggots fuck off.

I mean.. Girls are usually spiteful. Pretty girls are usually worse. They usually would have these small misgivings among their own group, but keep stowed in their narrow hearts, hating each other to the core, but smiling and acting as if they're great friends. Such hypocrisy exist in each and every one of them to a certain extent, and pretty ones usually exhibit more of it.

A small spark can just set off these tons of spitfire into one big major explosion where faces are spat at and backstabbing occurs. I've seen this happen and i'm totally disgusted. You girls should learn to be more magnanimous...

But then again, a group of pretty girls is good... Ah...

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