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Friday, February 03, 2006

Life of A Bookworm

Alright, we are all familiar with being a slacker, playing games all day, eating good food, sleeping. At least that's the case for me. For as long as i could remember, i never really sat down to actually study, if it's not because of exams.

Now, i have this assignment due today. And being the usual slouch, i resisted all attempts to actually start on this piece of crap until today. And lo and behold, ahead of me stood this chai. Ok... Maybe she isn't that chai, but in MAE, the standards are considerably different from norms.

So there i was, dreading the work, while this chai actually bothered to scan the question paper so that i could see it before the meeting. Not that i actually did anything to that rubbish i received.

Worse, she came prepared and had actually attempted to do the ridiculously tough assignment. And i couldn't even figure how she managed to answer part (a). Ever had feelings of inferiority? I felt so small...
Ok lar.. Not that small, maybe smaller by about 1% that kind. Haha...

Worried that my image of being a nice guy and hardworking student might be smashed, i took off to the library for the next 2 hours to try and comprehend the seemingly complex subject.

2 hours later, i emerged a stronger man, of both mind and body, armed with my newly acquired knowledge, ready to take on the world and beyond.
We went to find the tutor for help, even though i felt like i could answer all the tough assignment questions.

Guess what, i happen to be self-delusional idiot who actually stared at the damn notes for 2 hours, believing i had studied and understood, cause, i didn't understand a single word of what the tutor said.
Okok... I did do a little studying... And i did understand about half of what the tutor said. But things weren't as simple as i thought it to be. Fuck studying....

Then now, i just spent like 4 hours doing the damn assignment and plotting the fucking graph. And i think my entire night's work is in vain, cause i don't think i got it correct. KNN lar... Should have just fucking played dota lor...

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