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Friday, February 17, 2006

Crude Or Refined?

Backlash... I realised i have been very crude in many many posts. As a result of feedback and self reflection, i've decided to refine my language in hope that it'll score better on the chicks' charts.

Here goes my first attempt on a new writing style... And self praise is no praise. So i decided to refrain from mentioning my brilliance and accentuating it with 'I POWERs' and 'GODLIKEs'.

Back to my attempt. Girls... Something you can't do without, and something you can't live with. At certain times, my perceptions get blurred. Let me iterate on this point before i further this with a jucier piece.
Occasionally, they appear all sweet and charming, brightening your day, bringing all the joys of the opposite gender. Next moment, they appear hostile and aloof.
Then again, my judgement sways from point to point. Living with them is a chore, to living with them is fun. Hmm... Not exactly living, rather its more like spending the time together.

This delicate balance is exceedingly hard to achieve and its definately not my cup of tea.

Now... The juice. It dawned upon me, that girls actually have this inherent sweet smell that they emit. On first whiff, they smell the same, but there are small but subtle differences between each individual. How they manage to keep sweet smelling all day has me mystified.

Afterall, the sweating under the hot sun coupled with the different kinds of smells lurking in all eateries would have washed out all trace of sweetness in any person.

Is there some secret alliance between all girls that shares the info on being sweet smelling?(at least among the normal to pretty ones. I don't go sniffing at ugly gals. Haha...) Or do they carry a unqie perfume each, hidden in their bags, taken out to spray each time they declare they need to use the ladies...
Whatever the case, does it really matter? Its for the benefits of the guys no? If not why bother to be sweet smelling? To impress other girls? LOL

Suffer my whims on this, but don't be mistaken. I don't go around sniffing at girls like a perverse idiot. It just happened that i was with a chick i fairly like. Then i noticed and registered.

Why notice and register? Cause sometimes, noticing doesn't equate to registering. Upon notice, its usually forgotten shortly after. I have such tendencies. Things not related to myself aren't important, hence the registering fails. Haha...

I'm done for the day, and looking back, this is so unlike me. I wonder if this can be considered and improvement or as a setback. But for the sake of certain people(s), and for the betterment of yours truly's image, i shall and i must preservere!

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