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Monday, February 13, 2006

V Day Huh...

Just spotted Ric's blog on Vday, and decided i should contribute my 2cents worth on such silly day.

Why silly, cos i don't have a gf, and i can't seem to find one, despite my valiant efforts. Ok ok... I didn't make much of an effort. But isn't heaven supposed to pity me and drop me a pretty gal from heaven? Maybe an angel? haha...

Back to Vday. Basically, it sucks... For the Lovers, the Love-Lorns and the Desperate Singles.

For Lovers... Roses, extravagant dinners, presents. And such things don't come cheap, with those unscrupulous businessmen who never hesitates to milk an already dry cloth drier.

For the Love-Lorns(LL)... The mental and emotional pain of having someone you like, but not being able to be together. This category got 2 types of idiots.
The first type doesn't have the fucking balls to actually date out the damn girl.
The second type basically are Rejects who got slammed in the face.
Talk about losers...

The Desperate Singles(DS)... These are the kind similar to the Rejects, except that DSs are didn't get slammed on their fucking face, cos they haven found someone to slam their fucking place in the fucking first place.

I scorn at the damn idea, but no less, fell prey to this idiotic day a couple of times. Not that it actually hurts. The Lovers have it easier though. They got the company and all the other perks, except that the pocket would have taken a major beating.
The LLs are the worst lot, not only mental and emotional pain, some of the dumber LL's pockets actually took a beating along with the other pains.

I seriously suspect i either belong to the LLs or DSs, both of which sucks, and i fucking hate being in such loser categories.

Then i take a look around me. A couple of guys are happily in the love rut, cooking dinner for their gals, buying stuffs, bringing them out. I turn around to see a couple of idiots just like me. Someone even took the coming MP3003 quiz as an excuse for not having a date. HAHA...

I look and sigh at this whole charade. I scoff at the love-lorn fuckers, i scorn the lovers. I STUDY!!!!!

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