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Monday, February 20, 2006

If Only...

Yesterday was decent fun. A whole nite of booze, so much booze till i had to refuse to drink that kind. And too much booze is good news. Haha...
The only bad news was that my wallet hurt. Booze with cab never made a good combi.

Singing was good too. Had been wanting to get to ktv to try out those songs.

Acherly was a little boring lar, until this waitress chick came around. Chicks really do liven up the place. I like! Haha...

Then Toe suggested go cheong. Made me gian max. Long long time never really went cheong liao. Lemme see... Hmm... Got like 1-2months liao lor.

Not that i dun wan go. They all working, attached. Who in the whole wide world will wanna go clubbing if your gf is sticking to you and you are enjoying every moment of it? A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush heh? On afterthought, make it 3 birds. Haha..

About this bird in hand vs birds in bushes theory. I understand the concept, and agree that its logically sound. But why am i not practicing it?? In fact, i used to advocate this theory myself.

Again i contradict myself. Since i'm an advocate, why aren't i practicing wat i preach! Honestly, i really dunno.

Does this make me a masochist? LOL

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