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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Winners I Say, Winners!

Its amazing at the many different types of people that exist in this world. Some are exceptionally brilliant (me and my friends *wink), while the rest are totally stupid, ignorant, childish... blah blah... etc etc...

I was in this game where we spammed for PROs (meaning, fucking expert to the point of stunning). In came this bunch of people to challenge, and the following conversation ensued. I can't quite remember what he said, so i shall try to quote him as best i can. Lets call him X.

X: They spammed for PROs.
X: We'll kick their asses.
Us: Huh?
Us: Who's WE?

The game started and we played like shit. At least i played like shit. But was still fairly even.
Suddenly *YYY has left the game.

Left me momentarily stunned. The best enemy player has pulled plug, dced, spilt milk on his computer... yadda yadda... etc etc... And it was 4v5

Enemy: 4v5 very hard to play. GG..
*enemy quits
Becomes 3v5

X: Zeus how to play arh? (rubbish items in invent)
X: GG...
*X quits... Okok... i cant quite rem if he actually quitted, but who cares?
I thought i was supposed to get my ass whipped? Where's the whip?? Hello....

This happens almost everyday in my life... And this is crappy...

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