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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hellish Week

My lappy chuized. HDD crashed in front of my face and i couldn't do anything about it. Okok... i admit i didn't treat it all that well. Never did maintenance, and neglected its welfare by keeping it on hours on the end, testing its limits. And it decided to die on me.

Retribution at its best. It took out the thing that has been bringing me ALL the entertainment, and forced me into obscurity. No msn, no movies, no dota, no golf, no nothing. Not even songs. How sad!

Now... To the repairs of my beloved lappy... There was no rescuing. The HDD died, crashed, burned. No recovery, no reformatting could be done to save it, despite my best efforts.
Went down to Hp service centre. Service was excellent, and i found no cause for complaints. Kudos to HP!

I took the hint from heaven that i've been a bad boy, so i took to a little studying and discovered i could do it. And could even squeeze like tv time... Enlightenment dawned. I CAN live without the damn laptop. But i still missed it.

But i suspect all the stuff in my lappy is gone. Its sad and painful, but i guess what's not meant to be never will be. Hai...

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