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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Recently, hua was telling me say that my contents not very good. As a result, i hardly get readers, comments and tags. Does blogging really have to be so interactive?
I mean, it'll be great to have amazing viewership like so many other blogs, would be great to have many people tagging you...

Looking at my blog, i'm fairly satisfied. Its true the contents aren't very mass appeal, even mundane... But it's exactly what i'm thinking, i'm feeling. And basically, i write to muse, complain, scold at anyone and everyone. I don't write to please anyone, don't write for anyone.

Lose a game, i let flow a string of vulgarities, and get sore. I don't have the right to do it? I'm not even directing those vulgarities at anyone in particular. Concerned friends tell me say its just a game. I appreciate it, but i believe its a freedom kind of thing. And sad to say, i don't feel for a lot of things.

Hmm... Went jogging yesterday. Long time never jog, suddenly jog, like quite fun. Haha... Ric and Hua fit max. Run fast run long... Sian. Think maybe cause run too long too far liao, Hua become sot sot one... Tried to box me and Ric... I see liao very scared. Somemore same room. Haha...

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