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Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Motivation

Finally finished the damn quiz and the stupid presentation. I is shack. Got another assignment due but really no mood that kind. And its totally, solely my fault. Cause i did nothing last week. Its payback time and i hate it.

And this week passed fast. How come tomorrow is friday i haven't figure out yet, but yes, tomorrow IS friday. And i'm still trying to get back to my comfort zone of doing nothing. This kind of laziness shock even myself. Haha...

I was at the airport last friday to send my parents off. When i was leaving the place, i saw throngs of small little kids, barely primary 1. Seemed like an excursion organised by their school.

They were laughing and jostling. Made to hold hands as they walk in pairs. Carefree, happy. Innocent laughters that kind. Something long forgotten, long lost by you and me. And i could almost remember how it felt like.

At that age, i used to play at the sand playground below my house with my friends after school. We would play catching, one leg and this amusing game called pepsi cola, where we try desperately to step on the other guy's leg.
Ever played this eraser game? Those erasers with countries' flags on it? haha...

There isn't any complicated feelings, confusing thoughts. All there was was just the want to have fun, the joy of playing a game, without another care in this world.
Since when have i been burdened by so many things. Of trying to make ends meet, of trying to play my part in the house, of so many many other things...

If this is part and parcel of growing up, i wanna be a kid again...

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