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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Argh! School. Hmm... Maybe Not...

Drove back and forth from school the last 2 days. Most tired. But it was fun while it lasted lar. Haha... Freaking realised that having a car isn't all that fun afterall. The mad jams along expressways really sucks. I absolutely hate it. Lucky i got great company. Hee...

Today better. Went to town after school to makan. Had the GODLIKE mango desert with 2 very pretty gals. What more can a guy ask for? Haha! And the mango desert was so good until eat liao i smile tt kind of good.
Prolly the company also improved the taste. No? Muhaha!

On a lesser note. I realised i'm an idiot. The shit i'm digging myself in is ridiculous as i had just climbed out of one not long ago. And this particular shit i'm burying myself in is so similar to the previous one that the resemblance was uncanny. To the point of deja vu.

And it hurts to see such resemblance. I thought all this wouldn't matter anymore to me after so long. Hai...

Anyhow, the last few days has been good, but damn shack. And my bro just booked out. A levels coming out tomorrow. Hope he don't chui sia. Later end up in fucked up course like me then gone case liao. Haha...

I'm soooo dead... Got a quiz this thurs, and an assignment due on mon. And guess what? I haven't do a single thing yet. SHIT!

Anyway, here's a new song. Special recommendation that kind. I have to put it up! *wink

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