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Monday, March 06, 2006

Life Stories

Weekend was cool. Went to pa pool and lan. Even went for supper. Had chilli crab and calamari for supper. Hmm.. Okok... There was beer too. Haha!

Had to rush through the bloody assignment last night. Super last minute, cause today early morning gotta hand in liao. Luckily its all over liao. Can have a short breather before i try to play catch up with tutorials... If i ever get to starting on it. Hee...

Life stories... Everyone has to grow up. Some take a longer time, some wake up their ideas fairly quickly. Guys don't suffer from the myraid of problems plaguing girls: No money buy clothes, today not pretty enough, how come he never call me, what should i eat later, do i look fat... yadda yadda, etc etc...

Guys: Money, family, girls. Simply put, we're simple. Haha... There are the jerks and there are the nice guys. I'm just generalizing. Money and family problems are uncontrollable. We don't have money. Full Stop. Family problems, cannot be helped, hard to solve with a single person's might/will.

Girl problems are self inflicted. Feel sad cause the girl is ignoring you. Feel pain cause you realise your gf no longer loves you/no time for you. Got rejected. So on so forth...
This kind of pain is fun but it hurts real bad. What's meant to be will be i guess. As if the girl knows you are going through all this torment.

I don't like this pointing of fingers. Just wanna write. And this topic just happened to come floating by.

Acherly, its cause someone i know is in pain lar. So i just wanna say. Cheer up!!

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