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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Long Day, Am I Happy?

Just got back from MOS. Want to recap the entire day, whilst i still can remember the details...

Woke up damn early to give tuition. A guy's got to eat, and at age 24, i rather not stretch out my hand to demand allowance from parents like a small kid. I live on my earnings. Period.

Went to the Suntec IT fair after that. The place was packed, but i enjoyed the company. The place was squeezy, but i didn't mind. Loads of hairy people were brushing their sweat soaked arms at me, and i didn't care. I didn't have a single bite since 7pm the previous day and i didn't care. It was fun, and it was fun.

Finally had my first bite of the day. In Swensons at about 5. Decent meal, but considering my fatigued state, anything woould probably have tasted nice. Haha... Tried to have fondue at Haagen Daz, but was told its like out of stock. And every other table had a fondue at their table. How is it that when its my turn, its Out Of STock!?!?!?!

Ended up with some melon ice crean in a melon. Was great. The taste was excellent and the scraping of melon flesh was fun. Haha... Caught a movie after that, and it sucked.

Date Movie. Funny at times, left me lost the rest of the other times. Wasn't the best show i've seen this year, but i enjoyed it. Prolly cause of the company too. haha...

Met Toe and Damien for MOS slightly after. Bought alcohol off the shelves at 7-11. How power! Had another 2 cups inside MOS. The place is big, and ambience was good. Anything with decent music, chicks and alcohol is always good. Lol...

As usual, the music sounded funny. RnB was like the only thing that sounded right. Even the crowd in there is right. The other rooms never appeared to be as happening.

In all, MOS is good. Guessed i was too worn out to totally enjoy the experience. And wasn't really in the mood lar.

I realised certain things today. People are wierd. I'm not willing to splurge on good stuffs for myself. But i willingly splurge it on others, on my hobbies and many other pointless things, without even batting an eyelid.

No regrets, but only a slight tinge of sadness, that things had to turn out this way. But i realise that it could be worse lor. Maybe things are meant to be this way, just like the lack of motivation my life.

Worse. My damn MMC card died on me today. Along with it, went my contacts and everything else. How bad can life get? First my lappy, now my hp. What's next? Throw your worst at me. I'll go down fighting. Basically there's not much left, no life, no hp, no lappy, not much friends, and definately no gf, so how bad can worst be?

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