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Monday, March 13, 2006

Friends Are Good

Finally got the damn lappy running. Thanks to Hua... He did like everything. Power! Thanks. Haha...

Come to think of it. If i lived in my world, i would probably have died long ago. Here comes an irony that just crossed my mind. If friends actually help you so much, irregardless of whether you are a fucker or not, why is it that friends get placed second the moment we get into a relationship?

I did this once, and lost a fair bit of friends. Lucky my bestest buddy never left. And after i lost this girl i loved so dearly, i hooked up with a bunch of great friends. Despite all the problems heaven has thrown at me, it never ill treated me. Blessed in a certain sense, and i'm grateful.

Just watched a Hyori mv. She's damn hot, she look damn slutty, and i damn like her. Muhahahaha!!!! I shall dispense with my generosity by sharing the link to you despos out there. Enjoy!

And no more SHE. They have been on the charts for more than a week. And i should relax on my moves, no? I proudly present 第一个清晨.
Snippet of the lyrics:

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