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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fun Turned Sour

This week sucked as usual. Got reports due, lots of notes and tutorials left undone, quiz and got the damn 3011 project.

Notes and tutorials nv read and do is normal lar, i always never do one. But knn... The report i wanna do but cannot. Gotta go library. The cb HP tell me say the combo drive earliest is 30th then can get. Not 20th. now my lappy got nothing except wc3. How the hell can i do the damn report?
The tomorrow must hand in. Sibei chui....

Then later got the damn sus tech quiz. Lucky this time not a lot to read. Hopefully can pass. Lucky Hua very zai one, depend on him le. Hahaha.

Worse is 3011 project. How the hell they expect me to do the damn bridge? So many things to calculate, so many pictures to draw. Draw using bare hands i chui, draw using CAD i also chui. Either way also die. Sian max.

Then my angmoh tutor ask for a lot. I hear liao very scared. Worse, i see many people successfully doing it up. Then i look at my project, in small small pieces... Haven draw up a single piece of shit. Haven even started on hydraulics. Yesterday then i just started writing the damn intro. But write halfway, discover i writing rubbish...
Fuck la. I don't think i'm stupid one leh. How come still lose to others?

So many issues, no solutions. Actually got lar. That solution very obvious one. But i refusing to take that solution. Haha... If i stop playing, stop wasting my time doing nothing. Convert all this time to studying and completing the stuffs, easily can one lar. But its a very 'ku' solution. I don't like!

Last night got nightmare. I wake up believing it actually happened. Heong... I dreamt that i was playing games at home. Then one of my friends called me asking how i did for the exams. I was like "Huh, results out liao arh". So i went to check lor. Then i saw that i failed 3 subjects. 3011, 3001 and 3002.

Fail 3 subjects means i auto study 1 more sem in NTU liao. Then i felt a tinge of regret and sadness. Maybe, just maybe i should have worked harder. Why is it that i'm less motivated than others?

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