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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fun-filled Weekend. Bang Bang Bang!

This weekend's one of the funnest one for quite a long time liao. Had songs at Teo Heng on friday. Sound systems sucked, but for the price i'm paying, guess can't be too choosey huh. Haha..

Went for dinner and lan. Got smashed by the kids at e-games. Total humiliation that kind. Guess dota isn't exactly my forte either. Lol...

Went Dbl O with a couple of friends. Those retro guys really got it cultish. Got specific moves and actions for different songs at different times one.

This one wanna learn, gotta take forever that kind lo. Anyway, my dancing suck kinda big time. So cannot blame anyone lar. Haha...Lucky later on, RnB came on. This one i see Toe and a couple of other friends dance before. Mian qiang still can shake a little. HAHA!

Today best. Went to Orchid Country Club play paintball. ITS FUN! I spotted i kill a lot of people that kind. But Toe's team damn good. I admit their teamwork and marksmenship are superior lar. But not by a lot. Just enough to beat us by a hair's breadth!

Almost everyone injured lar. But its worth the while. I spotted i'm one of the least injured ones liao. Haha... A cut on my finger, grazed by a paintball. A shot on arm, and 2 on the leg. Totally couldn't feel it, until i saw the red marks.

Richard got one neck shot. He pain till, until now he still sore. Haha... Sian.. I got his neckshot pic. But stupid NTU/blogspot isn't allowing me to do the upload. Think i do it tomorrow or something!

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