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Monday, March 27, 2006

Busy Busy Happy Bee

Weekends are forever busy. At least for now. Haha. Celebrated Alex's birthday at Oriental PartyWorld. Normal singing fare lar. The amazing part was got people can run off without paying the bill. Lucky e bill not i ta one. Me poor guy...

Lagi funny is we sing finish last song liao still dun wan to leave. Sit there play 'jit ba ban' thru Gerald's hp. Somemore can sing along with it. Heh!

Yesterday even more goot lat. Go bugis see kids play with water. Then wandered to esplanade to see those hip hop and bicycle stunt gang at the very wide open space. That space very hidden one. Noobs never heard of it before. So u dunno, u noob! Haha!

But then lucked out. No biker gang, no hip hop gang. Only got tamil gang. They playing tamil songs, dance tamil dance. I see a while sian liao. Turned around, see a group of bangalah ogoling at them. Very heong... They like very tiko like that. I half expected them to dance another tamil dance and join the group of girls. Heh...

Then at suntec, spotted this place got sell clay figurine one. You buy the figurine, then can paint it on the spot. Very steady. I small the time always paint this kind of figurine. But dunno why, it never got popular. Kids nowawdays very sad one. Only know PSP, Xbox. Simpler pleasures of life is lost on them. What happened to the gorli matches in sand, what happened to Pepsi Cola 1 2 3!!!

The figurine i painted is this snoopy figurine. Got very limited paint, so must use carefully. I started out with the rooftop. So confirm is red one ma.

Then the body of the house is brown one rite? So i told a certain someone to mix the brown colour out. First we mix red with yellow to form orange. Then you add a tinge of black to make it light brown. Then arh... This someone hor... Put one big lump of black into the orange and started mixing furiously. Guess what... The orange became 'da bian' colour. -.-''
Got so lousy at mixing colour one anot?? Haha...

End up, no more red. Cannot mix any more brown. Somemore make me not enuf red to paint finish the roof, must dilute the remaining red... Then arh, that certain someone said paint e body light blue... Paint finish liao, left only green colour. So bobian, all the doors hafta paint green.

I see the whole paintwork when its done. Still not so bad lar. Afterall i paint one leh. Budden. Some parts quite chui. But i know not i do one. So i relieved. HAHA!

Then got these cute kids see us paint see until very fascinated. Stand very close to observe the great masters at work. Then a couple of them started this conversation

Cute kid 1: Wa.. They paint very nice hor.
Cute kid 2: Yeah, very very nice.

Cute kid 1, cute kid 2, *eyes shine wide in admiration.

Woohoo... I power! Erm.. I mean. WE power! Haha... I LOVE kids!

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