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Friday, December 28, 2007

End Dec

Its the end of the freaking month.

The so called ''snow" show at work will end soon. Thank god.

Christmas has came and left. And its like it never happened. But this year fruitful. Got shitloads of gifts, compared to last time. Wahaha!!

Bonus came and went too. No idea where it all went too. Damn...

This new year is good. I'm working all the way till 4am. Congrats to me! =.=

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Flickering Flame or Eternal Light?

Watching some dumb silly show. But I still watched it. Maybe because i'm silly.

A flickering flame, that lights and disappears quickly after is more beautiful compared to plain eternal light.

Using up all of its might, giving its very most before disappearing forever is more memorable than something eternal. 短暂的美丽 is the most captivating, that leads people to cherish more.

So... The question of living forever vs dying at say, 80.
The choice is simple following my analogy from above.

Say hi to PAPA guys =P

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Movies and Life

Watched quite a few movies recently. Secret, Bourne Ultimatum, Mind Hunter, 双龙记.

双龙记 was just normal brainless fighting. Not much to understand except standing in awe at their kickass kungfu.

Mind Hunter was decent. It was gross. It had blood. It had adrenaline flowing and thoughts thinking.

Bourne Ultimatum was like watching this one dude beat the whole world. Don't need much brain for this kind of show.

Secret was.... Rubbish and interesting. So lets call it interesting rubbish. From playing 2 pianos with 2 hands at the same time to finding the one you love by time travelling using a piano. They even have this piano competition where one tries to mimic the other pianist's tunes.
First. Just hearing them play the piano is enough trouble. How the hell you supposed to replicate the damn tune unless you've heard and played every single piece in this world.
Second. Playing 2 pianos with 1 hand each at THE SAME TIME is NONSENSE. Period.
We dont even need to get started on the time travelling part...

Ok. I'm done with my movie review. Now for self analysis.

I... Must... Be... Fucking... FREE!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have updated my bloglist. Dean is no longer a dead link. Hahahaha!

Working has reached a lull period. Night shifts aren't really busy, until this coming Oct. In view that it's going to be damn busy next month, being relaxed now is good.

Working for real has a large difference compared to attachment at PCA. Somehow, I'm happy here and at PCA, it sucked.
I have a one of a kind job up here. Noone breathes air as fresh as mine, with 2 different enchanting views to boot. Not much office politics except for the bitch who does nothing but talk and command.

Who's game to join me at the mountains? hahahah

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Went sentosa today. Was decent. Walked around, enjoyed the sights and the views, and basically relaxed. Albeit a little boring...

Most of the rides and tours went from average to boring. Only the luge is good. Fast cornerings is the shit!

Ok. More of the better stuff will not be said here. Till next time! =)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cable Car on The Mountain Top

Burnt my first Sunday on Mt Faber today. Was uber unwilling to go to work today. Why must I fucking work on a fucking Sunday!?!

The choice was to go to work or to go to work. Wasnt hard to make a decision amongst those 2 choices. So dragged my lazy ass down.
And it turned out to be a decent if not great day.

Hanging around and ushering people to the cabins was effortless. Dinner time was a cable car trip down to habour front's hawker before an hour of jalan jalan at vivo city, catching in the sights and the sounds.
On a normal Sunday, I would have been holed up at home or playing mahjong at someone's place. Its a refreshing change to walk ard aimlessly for an hour. hahaha!

Went back up to Mt Faber in the cable car. Chatted with the guys there. Beoed the people having their sky dining in the cable car. Catching in the scenary. And poof! 11+. Time to go home.
Can slp late tonite. Anyway work's in the afternoon tml. This feels almost leisurely!

Off's on this Wednesday... Woo!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Have been playing loads of mahjong recently. Suddenly loads of mahjong khakis popped up and I have been busy ever since.

Mahjong sessions are fun. We can chat about mundane everyday stuff, can joke... And of course, the winning of money. =P
Okok... Not always winning. But so far, it isn't so bad for me. Hope it stays this way. hahahaha

Gamed 13 uniques today. Damn high. It feels so much better than the normal max fan gaming, even though you get the same amount of $$. If you get what i mean, you get what i mean. If nt... I'm still happy! =P

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