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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Have been in the army for more than a month. Still didnt receive any job interviews. The only ones who called are the stupid insurance people. The other idiot company called offering peanuts as pay.

Everyday is the same routine. Wake up damn early, go to work.. Come home, take dinner, send a couple of resumes, play some games and sleep. Monotonous life. Something i believe will continue for pretty much the rest of my mundane life.

Send resume, at computer. Play games, at computer. Msn, at computer. Watch shows, at computer. Pretty much sitting in front of the damn machine when i get home. Blogging now also at computer... >.<

The lack of interview opportunities has led my parents to conclude that i've been playing instead of sending my resumes and finding for jobs. Truth be told, i have been doing the resume sending dutifully. And i dont see the need to inform them of all that i'm doing, since there arent any results in the first place.
And now they are bloody nagging at me for playing and not getting my priority right. For Christ's sake, am i supposed to go and tell them: 'Dad, Mum, Today i sent 3 resumes to xxx company, yyy company, zzz company". "Yesterday i sent to aaa company, bbb company, ccc company..."

Processing takes time, and my uni life ain't no sterling performance. But cut me some slack. Don't come to me and say: "Get your priorities right" "Spend time thinking what you wanna do".
I study Engineering, so i'm gonna do an Engineering job. Don't tell me i'm expected to sit ard and mope all day, wondering what i wanna do in life, and the moment i on the frigging com, you conclude that i'm playing games.

If I'm not given the benefit of any doubt, and no faith whatsoever, there's really no room for further conversation...

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