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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Expectations or Unreasonable Demands?

I was reading The Chronicles today. And i saw a couple of interesting article. There was this one that made me laughed out loud, i felt i had to share it here.

It is apparent that V Day is over glamorized, over romaticized and over hyped. Guys wanna take pretty chicks out on dates, Pretty chicks expect romantic and extravagant dinners and gifts. All is well and fine if you are working and rich, but poor studying blokes like me are not cut out for such high flying lifestyles.

But i digress... As so, The Chronicles went and did a survey of the blokes, and the chicks on campus. Lo and behold, i made a startling discovery.

Quoting this chick/hen ( i dont know cos i have never seen her, so its your pick): 'Taking a cab is the bare minimum... wants no less than an extavagant dinner at Equinox or cable-car dining... plus point if he has a car cos i need not lug a HUGE teddy bear and Bouquet of flowers...'
Just a cab? Just a car? Ask for a jaguar or something!
Equinox or cable-car dining? Ask for a trip to Paris just for dinner!
Just a Huge teddy bear and flowers? Ask for 999 roses!
Guess wat was the final sentence to her list of demands was? "She is currently UNATTACHED."
Now... I wonder why such a fantastic girls with such ideals would be unwanted, albeit, left of the shelf...

Most of the other girls surveyed has different expectations, but every single one demanded bouquets of flowers, gifts, fine dining, and 'bare minimum' cab, even though the guy isnt even her boyfriend.

Well, there are suckers and there are suckers.

If its for my girl, dining and flowers are normal requests... But stuff like fine dining and an abnormal amount of flowers are wrong. As wrong as you licking on the underwear you just peed on.
Unless i'm Bill Gates kind of rich... Haha...

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