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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Movie Galore

In a mere few days, i went for 2 movies... Something i seldom do. Movies can be watched much cheaper somewhere else. Haha...

Curse of The Golden Flower

This show sucked so bad, i dunno how to start. Jay Chou cannot act for nuts. And the most memorable scene was the one with his trembling jaw. FYI, trembling jaw = angry, in this Jay Chou context. Other better actors would do things like frown, tigthen jaws. But definately not trembling jaws. Its for uncles suffering from a fit...

The storyline started with nothing and ended with nothing. Zhang Yimou managed to waste tonnes of cash creating rubbish for a movie and still remain in business for so long. There was only splendor in the large masses, the different colour armies, and the millions of pots of flowers. Oh... As well as the noisy fuckers who run around making mayhem every 2 hours. By the time the idiots finish walking thru the palace, 2 hrs would have past.. How accurate is tt for a clock if you are at the last destination?

As for the fighting, it was decent, but not magnificent. And pray tell me. Which army wo seeks victory would allow the enemy to push so many large tall metal walls through the entire courtyard before flailing ineffectually at the formation that took 1hr to set up in front of their eyes. I say... ATTACK them while they r pushing idiots! ATTACK!!

Now for the better part. There were boobs, and there still were boobs. Bouncing boobs on a horse, jiggling boobs while running. Zhang Yimou really milked the boobs factor till its dry. (Every pun intended)

Confessions of Pain

This is an excellent show. So good, i only have praise for it. Only a couple of minor irritances, otherwise, its great through and through.

The storyline is great. Its decently complex and intriguing up to the very last minute. But the ending and certain details could be guess. But that aside, this show portrays the complexities of humans. Its ugly, and its beauty. All as one. Conflicting and accentuating each other.

This show totally lifted my day. Prior to it, i was really pissed. And suddenly, after it, i felt great. Watch it guys... Watch it!

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