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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Beautiful World

This world is so fucking beautiful.

Just the other day, i saw this cute cockroach doing situps. Amazing, it did like 50 reps in 1 min. Well done. This cockroach as a future. A bright one. Only if it manages to flip itself back up before someone sees it and steps on its atheletic body.

Was swimming today. The fucking pool is so crowded with non swimmers. They stand there soaking in e water with their belly protruding so far out, they can't see their toes. How the fuck can someone get so fat? And why are they warming the already warm water?

Then some of the disabled people would start failing at the water, on the pretext of swimming. Thrashing and flailing the arms and legs in water is not called swimming if you can only move an inch in 1 min. Its called drowning. Such fools should start in the baby pool where its shallower.

There was this disabled guy in the pool that especially caught my attention. He would flap his arms, then kick a fountain of water up, pause, kick a fountain of water, pause. I concluded he had only one leg. When he climbed out of the water, to my surprise, he had two legs. Makes me wonder why only 1 leg is kicking... Anyway, he should keep his legs low... Splashing water would only slow him down. Fool...

So... In summary... Fat uncle and aunties should stay at their condos and swim. They should keep their noisy wailing kids with them. Non swimmers should stay in e kids pool and e shallower one meant for noobs. And i have the whole big one for myself!!

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