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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Busy, Engrossed, Out Of Touch...

I haven't been posting here for a very long time. Don't think i will too often. Cos life has been hectic, and not all that fun. Furthermore, i'm feeling kinda stifled from writing here...

The fact that i have friends reading the junk i'm writing was intially fun lar. Then at certain times, i wanted to post something. Scolding somebody i know for some stupid idiotic act, or for something tt he/she has done to piss me off. But being the model confucian/chinese guy, i have to practice the virtues taught from young rite? I can't lash out at that sonafabitch/bitch. I must be modest, must be humble, and keep my boiling blood, along with my 10000000curses inside me... Amen...

So there... I'm feeling stifled. And so, all that is going to be written here from now on will be rubbish and only rubbish. The real secrets and hidden thoughts will be somewhere else.. Somemore u dudes will never find out. =X

And because of this new place taking up my attention and time, the effort here will hit a bare minimum. So if you don't like what i'm writing, you can jolly well don't come back. Haha!

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